Andrew Bristow

Princeton University ’12 | Department of Sociology

Andrew Bristow picture

Student interested in technology policy and human-computer interaction. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Certificate in Information Technology and Society from Princeton University.

Research interests include: cyberbullying, youth and media, social networks, employment markets, and digital ethnography. My current research focuses on the impact of cyberbullying on local middle school students and their responses to such incidents. In previous research, I have extensively studied the role of social networks in the job searches of graduating Princeton University seniors.

Aside from my academic interests, I’m the co-chair of the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship’s Service Team, I volunteer with Westerly Road Church as a youth group leader, and I co-coach a Dillon Youth League 4th/5th grade basketball team with my roommate. I grew up in rural Northeast Florida, and I enjoy playing tennis and watching classic movies in my spare time.